"A meal without wine is like a day without sun"

 (Louis Pasteur 1822-1895)

Olio extra vergine di oliva - Fattoria Polvereto

scheda olio-fattoria di polvereto


I.G.P. Olio Extra-Vergine di Oliva

Production Area:

South Florence Chianti hills - with south-west exposure

Olive-trees variety

Frantoiane, Morellino, Leeone


300 metres a.s.l.

Average Prodution:

22 quintals per hectare


This excellent olive oil is a Fattoria diPolvereto produci it is the result of a meticulous and scrupulous olive-trees growing and of an ancient traditional tuscan olive-oil making procedure, which permit to exalt ali typical aroma and taste.


Marnai in Novembers


Stone grindstone, cold-pressing.



Sensorial  Characteristics:

Sparkling green colour when it is just bottled, tendent to golden yellow after summer season. Fragrant and fruity smeli, intense but not pungent Its taste is fresh, pleasantly sourish, with agreeable almond scent.

Food Matches:

It is excellent with the traditional "fettunta" (tuscan toasted bread), on raw vegetables and to season grilled meat.

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